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In partnership with NHS Trusts

We partner with NHS trusts to bring students localised programmes

Apply for a programme in your local area

We have continued to partner with local NHS trusts across the UK to bring students the most relevant and insightful work experience programmes as possible. This localised approach gives students the opportunity to get an even more realistic overview of what a healthcare career within their neighbourhood will look like, whilst building relationships with local industry professionals and leaders.


In partnership with:

What's involved?

Support Services

Work and assignments

Workshops with employers

You’ll meet professionals in live
workshops and be able to ask
them questions.

Complete all work and assignments at times that are suitable to you.

Fits into your schedule

You’ll complete activities and work assignments to develop skills and knowledge.


This programme is free for candidates.

Add the experience to your CV and Personal Statement.

You’ll get practical skills and knowledge.

You’ll earn a certificate if you complete the programme.

Why pursue work experience in Medicine?

Immediately impact your career

The short-term benefits of gaining work experience are all about helping you take the next step in your career:

Set yourself up for future

The programme is spread over is available completely on demand. There is around 10 hours of activity which can fit around other obligations. The programme will cover the following areas:  

- The World of NHS

- A career as an Allied Health Professionals
- Patient Care
- Communication Skills in AHP
- How to become an AHP
- Getting career ready

Looking beyond your next few years, gaining work experience can benefit your long-term career goals:

Work experience gives students the chance to test out different careers, develop transferrable skills and make an impression with potential employers. The list of benefits goes on, but they aren't all just immediate; work experience can set you up for long term success by breaking down barriers on your career pathway.

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Launch your career with Springpod

  • You'll have gained the best insight and understanding of what is required to be successful in your career so that you can hit the ground running in your career start making an impact straight away
  • Work experience will also ensure your CV remains in top shape so that upon graduation, you'll stand the best chance to get hired into a great role
  • Make your CV and Personal Statement stand out from the crowd with real experience from recognisable employers
  • Give yourself the best chance of getting accepted to your first choice university or apprenticeship programme by showing admissions teams your work experience achievements
  • Add hard and soft skills to your professional profile
  • Network with industry professionals and learn from multiple people that are experienced in your preferred field

Get the most out of your career

All of this can help you on your career pathway to make sure that you achieve the absolute maximum:

  • Earn the top positions in the industry such as a Registered Doctor or Medical Director
  • Earn up to £85,000 per year
  • Inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals with your insights and expertise

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