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Insight into Entrepreneurship

Business Workshop

Insight into Entrepreneurship

Peter Jones Foundation

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What’s involved

Live workshops 

Work and assignments

Fits your schedule

You'll meet professionals in live workshops and be able to ask them questions.

You'll complete activities and work assignments to develop skills and knowledge.

If you miss a workshop then you can still catch up by watching a recording.

During this free virtual insight day you'll create your own business idea for how to turn £500 into £5,000. You'll build a marketing strategy and then pitch your idea to investors. The best pitch idea will win £500 to turn the idea into reality. You can take part in the event live or catch up by watching the recordings once you finish school/college.

You'll take part in virtual workshops covering: how to identify a gap in the market, how to build a successful marketing strategy and how to pitch to investors.

The schedule is:

1pm [Live Workshop] Introduction to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
You'll learn what skills you'll need to be a successful business founder, how to identify a gap in the market.

[Activity - in your own time] Sidehustle Challenge
You can work in groups or by yourself to come up with a money-making idea on how to turn £500 into £5,000.

4pm [Live Workshop] Meet the Entrepreneur
You'll hear from a young entrepreneur about their journey into business and how it has changed their life. They'll talk you through the importance of developing a marketing plan

[Activity - in your own time] Marketing is key
Build on your initial idea develop a brand, a social media marketing plan and a flyer for your product/service.

[Lesson - in your own time] Pitching tips
Learn how to develop a winning pitch so that your idea can receive business investment.

[Activity - in your own time] Pitching challenge
You have 72 hours to prepare and film a 60 second elevator pitch. Your pitch will be reviewed by the Peter Jones Foundation and the winning pitch will receive £500 to turn the idea into reality. The top 10 entries will also receive recommendations.

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When is it?

The virtual insight day will take place on November 19th 2020. There are live workshops at 1pm and 4pm but if you can't attend those live you'll be able to catch up by watching recordings and you'll still be able to enter the competition.

What if I can't attend a live workshop?

If you're unable to take part in a live workshop you can watch a recording and still enter the competition.

What technology will I need?

You'll need access to a computer to be able to take part.

How do I register?

To register for the virtual insight day you need to create a Springpod account and 'apply' for the insight day. Every student that applies will be guaranteed a place. 

Business Workshop

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To attend this workshop students must be aged between 14-18 years old and attend a school or college in the UK.